Character » Ogre appears in 7 issues.

    Ogre is a member of the Wicked Brigade, a group of Spider-Man villains.

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    Not too much is known of Ogre before he joins the Wicked Brigade and comes into conflict with Spider Man. A bounty was placed on Spider Man and the Wicked Brigade wanted to collect. Spider Man easily disposed two Brigade members named the Squid and Ms. Fortune before he meets Ogre, Razor Wire and Lightning Fist. The remaining trio attack Spider Man but they are suddenly struck down by a villain named Master Monarch. 
    Ogre, Razor Wire and Lightning Fist reappear on the island nation of Taino as members of the highly trained super security force of Roxxon Blackridge. An airborne zombie virus was threatening the residents of Taino after the Zombie, Simon Garth and Z-Pool (zombie Deadpool) escaped quarantine from the ARMOR agency. The trio was responsible of protecting and defending the property of the Sandal Resorts Corporation from locals after evacuation. The trio encounter Simon Garth with Z-Pool's head and Ogre asked them if they need medical attention. They are suddenly bombarded by the infected rain caused by the necro-cloud and reduced to a pile of blood, guts and bones. The cloud took various parts of the super-humans and resurrected them as one super powered zombie. The zombie used Ogre's strength to impale the Man-Thing with a streetlamp post and hoisted him above the ground. The Man-Thing was exposed to the deadly rain and he began to dissolve. The zombie came after the Midnight Sons but was killed by a resurrected Man-Thing and his burning touch.   
    Powers & Abilities:
    Ogre had superhuman strength and durability.


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