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Officer O'Krime (probably) first appeared in "Red Raven Comics" #1. A second story turned up at "Daring Mystery Comics" #7 (April, 1941). While neither story was signed, their artwork has been attributed to Fred Schwab. Schwab is known for various humorous features published by Centaur Comics, Columbia Comics, DC, Fiction House, Fox Comics, Novelty Press, and Timely.  Starting in 1937 and covering much of the 1940s. His few series-characters were short-lived. In 1946, Schwab took over the "Lady Luck" series for its last few months, ghosting for Klaus Nordling. A number of these "serious" adventures were reprinted by Quality Comics from 1948 to 1950.  

Bank robbery

In his first known story, Officer O'Krime and his partner Moiphy are depicted driving a patrol car. A radio message notifies them to drive to the 10th National Bank. Suspicious persons have been reported loitering near the bank and there are fears of a robbery about to take place. O'Krime and Moiphy decide to drive to the bank. But as slowly as possible and taking their time. Deciding that they are in no mood to face gunmen.  
When the two cops arrive, the robbers are still inside. O'Krime reluctantly decides to face them. He sneaks in through a side door and directs Moiphy to enter from the back. Both enter and run within the halls of the bank. A collision between them follows. Moiphy is knocked out for the rest of the story. O'Krime transfers his unconscious partner to their vehicle. Then returns to the bank and ambushes the two robbers.  
The crooks take one look at him and decide that he is a "chump". One of them proceeds to give him a rational (and completely false) tale explaining their presence and current activities. The crook claims to be the President of the Bank, emptying the safe to prevent it being looted by the robbers. O'Krime falls for it and offers to help them. He does most of the work of transferring 200,000 dollars to a case. Then offers to drive them to the countryside.  
Once out of town, the crooks steal the patrol car. Kicking out O'Krime, Moiphy and the radio into nearby water. The two cops listed to the news of the 10th National Bank having just been robbed. They realize their good and sink below the surface of the waters.  

Troubles with women

 In his second known story, O'Krime sports a longer mustache and lacks a partner. He seems more agressive but remains naive.  
A police captain assigns O'Krime to locate and arrest Kokey Flo, a "famous woman spy". So, O'Krime walks the city streets looking for her. The streets seem devoid of life. But then a woman screams for help and O'Krime immediately responds. A young beauty asks his help against two guys "annoying" (assualting?) her. An enraged O'Krime uses his fists to beat both guys senseless. He is somewhat surprised to find the "victim" has fled. But arrest the two guys anyway.  
The following day the captain calls O'Krime to his office, supposedly to congratulate him. But actually has a surprise for him. The "victim" our officer had helped was Kokey Flo. The "crooks" currently sporting blind eyes, bandaged arms and legs were FBI agents on duty. O'Krime points out "How was I to know?". But the captain lets the two get their revenge. By beating O'Krime senseless. An ambulance is seen taking O'Krime away. 
O'Krime comes to a decision: "I'm offa wimmen for life!" (Uncertain if tthis resolutions includes hitting on men next). O'Krime is next seen back on the streets. When another "young maiden" approaches him and asks for help. He immediately arrests the girl and drags her to the police station. So that she can be someone else's problem. 

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