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Little is known about Odysseus in general. All that is currently known is that he was a FBI agent, and the father of Deathstroke. Based on Slade's relationship with him, it seems that he was rather distant to his son, and abandoned him at a unknown age: though likely young at the time. Charles worked with the FBI until being announced missing in action in 1977 during a assignment. In reality, he became a undercover mercenary.

Eventually, Charles became so renowned that even the League of Assassins seeked to recruit him and succeeded in doing so. Even when he died (seemingly of natural causes) the League were so impressed by his skill that they tried to resurrect him, which was a privilege kept for only the most renowned assassins. Kidnapping Slade's son, Jericho, they attempted to use his psychic powers to bring back him back to life, and while half successful, Slade eventually caught up to the group and killed everyone involved in the kidnapping, including the half-alive body of his father, firing a bullet into his eye.

However, due to a meta-gene that Charles had that allowed him to survive extreme injury, he survived Slade's attempt to kill him, but was now blind in the eye where Slade had shot him.


Odysseus was created by Tony Daniel. He made his first physical panel appearance in Deathstroke #2 - Journey Into the Abyss.

Major Story Arcs

Finishing the Job

Slade is hired years later to fullfill a failed contract- namely, his father that he failed to kill the first time. Slade has no memory of this due to willingly erasing his memory in return for millions, and has to take a truth-serum in order to regain his lost memories. Recalling what had happened, Slade realises that his father must have some sort of healing factor close to his, and he was able to survive his attempt to kill him. Slade also realises that Jericho has been missing at the exact same time that his father has been spotted in Gotham, he realises that his father is attempting to gain all of Jericho's powers this time to make him stronger.

Contacted by Victor Ruiz, a CIA agent, he explains that "Odysseus" has the capabilities to bring down entire nations with his resources and power, and while he may be useful to some, the CIA themselves have judged that he is too dangerous to live, and must be eliminated. Through Slade is unwilling to do the bidding of any government force, he agrees.

Meanwhile, Odysseus uses his psychic powers to control Lady Shiva, and force her to become the leader of the League of Assassins, through first swearing allegiance to him. With Ra's Al Ghul missing and Shiva under his control, Odysseus gains supreme power over the League.

Jericho, in Gotham, meets with his sister, Rose Wilson, and they meet someone who claims to know Slade personally: of course, this turns out to be a trap set by Odysseus, and he is able to capture both of them while Slade is occupied fighting Batman.

While captured, Rose attempts to control people with her own powers, but fails- Odysseus has already got a hold of them. However, he states that he has no intention of killing any of his family, stating that if he can't control those close to him, then controlling a country is impossible. Jericho, refusing to be used as a puppet again, starts to use his psychic powers to attack himself, as he knows that, without him, Odysseus's plan falls apart. However, he is able to drain most of Jericho's powers anyway before he can do so.

Using a exploding jet as a distraction, Slade attempts to ambush his father, but fails due to his own emotions getting in the way- he's too distracted by the state of Jericho, and as a result, Odysseus sends him flying with a single strike, and cracks his mask open. Slade shoots his father multiple times in the body and face, but he heals easily. Eventually, he is finally able to kill him after stabbing him through scrap metal, which manages to be enough to overcome his healing factor. Jericho and Rose escape in the ensuing battle.

Powers & Abilities

High Skill: Charles was a trained CIA agent with years of experience before joining the League, where he became a very high ranking member equal to Lady Shiva and Ra's himself, implying that he was around their level in fighting ability. Charles was also able to cut through Slade's mask and counter his sword swing with a motion that seemed like a blur with a large scythe, showcasing impressive strength and speed in the process.

Mind Control: Due to Jericho's psychic energy being left in him, Charles was able to casually control people's wills and movements using his powers, controlling dozens of people within the League of Shadows, as well as high willed individuals like Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger.

Power Absorption: Charles was able to connect to Jericho's psychic energy and drain it for his own use, leaving him almost powerless in the process.

Regeneration: This power was genetic in origin, and allowed Charles to survive things that would be lethal to a normal person, like headshots and multiple bullets to the body. His son, Slade, inherited this ability.

Telepathy: Charles can also look into people's minds and look through their memories, allowing him to determine if someone is being honest to him or not. This also allowed him to look through "thousands of eyes" for his grandson Jericho, through it seems to be limited to a continental range at best.

Telekinesis: Charles was capable of blowing people up internally when he had the full psychic power of Jericho.


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