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    Odym is a fictional planet in the DCU. Located in space sector 2628, it is the home base of the Blue Lantern Corps.

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    Following their banishment from Oa during the Sinestro Corps War, Ganthet and Sayd traveled to the world of Odym, a planet of lush beauty and unrestrained life. The two realized that the Guardians of the Universe would ignore the inevitability of the Blackest Night prophecy, but eventually would have to fight to prevent it from coming to pass. Realizing that the Green Lantern Corps could not succeed alone, the two decided to form the Blue Lantern Corps a force powered by the blue light of hope to assist the Green Lanterns. Thus far, Ganthet and Sayd have not sought to colonize the planet. The only change to the natural beauty is the Blue Lantern Main Power Battery.

    The planet is not widely known as Atrocitus had to do a ritual to divine the location, and Agent Orange only found it due to the Guardians telling him the location.

    Major Story Arcs

    Beyond Hope

    During the "Beyond Hope" story arc, the Reach attack the planet Odym, seeking to conquer it. The Blue Lantern Corps attempt to defend their planet, but fail to. While they were busy protecting the Blue Lantern Main Power Battery, they did not realise that most of Odym had already been cocooned by the Reach. Odym is abandonned by the Blue Lantern Corps, who flee in order to avoid the Reach.


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