Odin Quincannon

    Character » Odin Quincannon appears in 15 issues.

    A perverted, vile businessman who ran a cattle slaughterhouse in the town of Salvation, Texas.

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    The little town of Salvation, Texas was almost completely dominated by Odin Quincannon. He ran a meat-processing plant outside the town, a business that made him fantastically rich. His wealth was enough to buy off the town's sheriff, Sheriff Jim Bewley, to buy off judges in the county, and to pay for any kind of illegal activity he needed doing. Between his money and his lawyer, Miss Oatlash, Odin Quincannon was free to enact whatever depraved ideas entered his mind.

    Including the mystery in his private meat-shed.

    Quincannon's absolute control over the town was broken with the arrival of Jesse Custer, who quickly got the job of sheriff from Jim Bewley. Where Bewley was perfectly willing to take Quincannon's money, Jesse wasn't having it.

    The first time they met, Jesse punched him clear out of the sheriff's office.

    The second time they met, Jesse nearly dropped him from his office window.

    The third time they met, Jesse beat the tar out of the Klu Klux Klan members that Quincannon had assembled.

    Every time Odin tried to threaten or kill Jesse, it failed. He was too strong and too honest to be hurt or turned. So Odin thought around corners - rather than trying to destroy Custer, he would destroy the town. He paid an ex-Navy SEAL $250,000 to wire the town with explosives. Then he had his men kidnap deputy Cindy Daggett and threaten her life, which they were considerable failures at.

    Odin set off the explosives at the sheriff's office and called Jesse to meet him at the train tracks. The plan was to blow up the town remotely, and then kill Jesse and Cindy. But by a stroke of absolutely amazing luck, Quincannon was struck by lightning before he could trigger the explosives. He survived, and made his way back to his meat plant and his private locker.

    Jesse later found him there - burned, injured and stripped to his underwear - embracing a giant female form made from the carcasses of dead cows, pigs and chickens. In what he called a mercy killing, Jesse broke Quincannon's neck under his boot.

    The meat plant was destroyed by Jesse and Cindy, using the leftover plastic explosives. Later, Odin's brother Conan Quincannon came to Salvation. Much more benevolent than his brother, Conan opened up a waste-processing plant in the town, providing good-paying jobs to its citizens. He hoped to atone for the evil his brother had done, and was praised as the man who saved Salvation.


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