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    Garfield's favorite punching bag. He is owned by Jon Arbuckle. Odie was previously owned by Lyman. He is the only character that doesn't talk. Garfield thinks he needs a brain.

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    A dog belonging to Jon Arbuckle's former roommate Lyman Odie is often beaten by Garfield due to his vast stupidity. Despite this he is usually very cherry and happy, although he has shown annoyance at some events. He often abuses Garfield by accident and generally causes trouble. Still he is a loyal dog and one of Garfield few "friends".

    Odie looks very stupid, but sometimes he shows a little intelligence. He has very long tongue that constantly drools, which he tends to lick Garfield with (much to Garfield's dismay). He was once shown with dialogue, when he poked Lyman telling him he's hungry. He once was shown to be very intelligent, when Jon and Garfield left the house, he started reading War and Peace, and watched classical music on TV . He also sometimes outsmarts Garfield, as he manages to resist some of Garfield's pranks.


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