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Clayton "Clay" Stoner is a pretty standard private eye, working at the mean streets of River City. But all that normality must have gotten to him, or something. He donned a bizarre, brightly-coloured mismatched patchwork costume and a rubber mask with one red eye and one yellow one, and set out to do battle against the forces of evil as... the Odd Man! Armed only with his wits and a slew of elaborate gadgets intended to disorient and confuse, he set out to fight the good fight. Since then, Odd Man has worked with Hero Hotline, and applied for jobs at Project Cadmus and the Power Company.


Odd Man was created by Steve Ditko.

Powers and Abilities

Odd Man has no metahuman abilities. He uses his above-average combat skills and a variety of weird gadgets to fight crime.


Height: 5'1"


180 lbs



Hair: Black


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