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    Oddjob is the main henchman and assassin employed by Auric Goldfinger. He is a superb hand-to-hand combatant, consistently besting James Bond in their fights. He is extremely strong and able to break necks with minimal effort. He appears also highly durable, withstanding hits with metalic or wooden objects with no visible pain. His bowler hat contains a metal razor disc which he throws at opponents. Bond only managed to kill him by having him get sucked out of an airplane. Oddjob was however not dead and returned to fight James Bond Junior. Fighting the Bond family for two generations.


    Odd Job was created by Ian Fleming for the novel Goldfinger. This is his only appearance in the original novels.

    Other Media

    In the film Goldfinger he is portrayed by Harold Sakata. His character in the film is so iconic he is spoofed years later in the Austin Powers film with a character known as Random Task. The character also returned alive in the James Bond Junior television series, and is considered among one of Bond's most memorable opponents.


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