Character » Octoboss appears in 22 issues.

    Octoboss is a super strong octopus-humanoid villain. He has a group of followers called the Squidmen that assist him with robberies.

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    Character Information 

    Real name:
    Occupation: Criminal
    Identity: The general population of Earth are unaware of the existance of Octoboss or his Squidmen.
    Legal status: Wanted by various world authorities for crimes committed against their countries
    Known aliases: None
    Place of birth: Unrevealed
    Marital status: Unrevealed
    Known relatives: None
    Group affiliations: Squidmen
    Base of operations: Unrevealed 
    Height:  7' 8"
    Weight:  1,400 lbs
    Eyes:  Red with black iris
    Hair:  None
    Strength level:  Octoboss possesses superhuman strength, the exact limits of which are unknown at this time.  


     For several decades now, the octopoid villian known as Octoboss and his Squidman minions have stolen or attempted to steal radioactive material. Octoboss was originally a criminal from another world who was exiled along with the Squidmen into deep space. Octoboss took control of the Squidmen and their ship crashed on Earth.
    Octoboss and his Squidmen first appeared years ago at the VK-50 Nuclear Facility in the Soviet Union, where he critically destabilized the reactor while attempting to steal some plutonium. The Soviet speedster Red Rush captured Octoboss and contained the radiation from the meltdown in a super speed whirlwind. The Squidmen escaped and, within weeks, they rescued Octoboss from a Russian  lab.
    Octoboss and his minions have repeatedly clashed with the heroes of Earth always over the attempted theft of plutonium in some form. Usually, their plans are foiled, but the mysterious villians have had the occasional victory. For instance, they kidnapped and killed the unfortunate Atommy the Atomic Boy and successfully stole the plutonium from the nuclear engin of a Mars probe in deep space.
    Recently, Octoboss and his Squidmen battled the young heroes Rex Splode and Invincible at the Six Mile Island nuclear reactor. The villians were defeated once again, but escaped federal custody days later by teleporting away. Eventually, Octoboss and his Squidmen sought to take control of Atlantis and eventually build their own empire and then return to their homeworld finally and take it over. They were defeated by the Guardians of the Globe but on their way to prison, Multi-Paul of the Order freed him and his men and they were drafted into the Order.

    Known superpowers

    Octoboss possesses immense strength and an incredibly high dedree of resistance to physical damage. His body is durable enough to protect him from explosive blasts equivalent to at least 10 lbs of TNT at a distance of one foot.
    Octoboss has 8 suction cup bearing appendage like arms encircling the base of his head and four that preform the functions of fingers and hands at the end of each arm. Each appendage has 240 suction cups on it. He has 1,920 suction cups on the eight arms around his head and 960 at the end of each arm. Octoboss has highly complex nervous system, only part of which is localized in his brain. 2/3's of the neurons in his body are found in the nerve cords of his arms, which have a remarkable amount of autonomy. His arms show a wide variety of complex reflex actions and are capable of independent movement. Once Octoboss has securely attached his arms to his foe, it is nearly impossible to break his hold. His arms are capable of exerting enough pressure to radically deform a one inch thick steel tube, two feet in diameter. His suckers are equipped with chemoreceptors that enable him to taste what he is touching. Octoboss is capable of regenerating limbs  that have been lost or destroyed due to injury.

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