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    An obsessed Superman fan, with some psychotic issues. Dana Dearden gains her powers from Magic coins that grant her powers of the gods Zeus, Mercury, and Heimdall.

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    Dana Dearden has the strength of Hercules, the speed/flight of Hermes, the thunderbolts of Zeus, and the sight of Heimdall that she got from stolen mystic artifacts.

    Her original costume was green and purple with "Superwoman" written down the leggings. She tried to make Superman fall in love with her by kidnapping Jimmy Olsen to get his signal watch. When Superman rejected her Jimmy called her Obsession,Superwoman disappeared when Superman attempted to rescue people from a burning ship.

    Dana returns to the Fortress of Solitude when Superman split into Red and Blue Superman hoping that one of them would fall in love with her, but Maxima by using her telepathy, convinces her that her love will kill Superman.

    When the telepathy wore off she returned this time wearing a red and blue costume similar to Superman and claiming to be his wife. She died trying to protect him from some magical demons.

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    Super-speed & Flight of Hermes

    Super-strength of Hercules

    Vision powers of Heimdall

    Energy blasts


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