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Oblivion Bar was owned by the leader of Shadowpact, Nightmaster. The bar is located in another dimension and can only be reached by someone with magical abilities. However, the Bar still uses many modern devices such as microwaves, showers and dishwashers. It has it's own rules such as a caller not being able to make a call without knowing the dimension area code. The bar became crowded with customers when the Spectre decided to destroy magic and this was were the individual members of Shadowpact ultimately formed the team. When the team was trapped in Riverrock for a year the bar was bought by a flipper-armed conjurer named Eddie Deacon. He has the power of telekinesis and could even squeeze a trachea shut. However, Nightmaster handled the situation subtly by not telling the owner certain things about the bar and how to run it, such as the dimensions area code and was able to reclaim it. After Nightmaster decided to stay in the dimension of Myrra, Detective Chimp became the new owner of the Oblivion Bar, letting Eddie Deacon stay as a bartender.

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