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    Daughter of Morgan Gallows, a werewolf, and Serena, an 'angel', Rosa Martinez is a Hispanic vampire from Los Angeles. She was also the chosen one who was able to defeat Armageddon, as the child of order.

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    Major Story Arcs

    The Omen

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    Living in the barrio of east Los Angeles, Rosa Martinez was raised by an alcoholic mother and no father. She worked as a DJ, and one night discovers Vex in her club, and attacks her. This triggers Vex to show her true chaotic power, before she is taken away by Serendipity.

    Morgan Gallows finds her, along with the rest of the Chosen, and informs them of of CODA and Savior's plan to destroy humanity, to pave way for those who are 'different'. Oblivia doesn't believe him, but Gallows tells her that even though she is a vampire and he a werewolf, there is little difference between them, and that she should trust him. Then they are attacked by undead minions of The Savior, and after being covered in maggots and Gallows almost killed, Oblivia decides she wants out of this, but Gallows tells her she has no choice.

    When Voodoo Childe is kidnapped by Savior, and Gallows and Rip go out to investigate, Oblivia stays behind to research the Chosen's information. It is there she discovers a picture of her mother with Morgan Gallows.

    Oblivia returns home unwillingly to her mother drunk and asleep, and forces her to tell her who her father is. Her mother claims that a man named 'Lou Garou' came into her life, and they were in love, until he disappeared. Later a child was brought to her by a mysterious woman named Serena, who claimed to be Lou's sister, but was in fact the child's biological mother. Oblivia had realized she was the daughter of Morgan Gallows.

    Elsewhere, Danny is taken over by Serendipity and fights Gallows. Savior and Vex come to finish off the rest of the Chosen. Oblivia goes to find Gallows for answers, but comes across the fight, and goes to face off against Vex again. This time, Vex sees that she is 'tainted with order', and after a final attack by Vex, Oblivia surges with divine energy, and knocks everyone unconscious.

    Afterwards, Oblivia confronts Gallows about her heritage, still unsure of who Serena was, but now trusts Gallows and agrees to fight at his side.


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    Oblivia returns during Armageddon, grouped with the Chosen, when Gallows has a vision. Vex had also joined with them. Bedlam and Chastity come to warn the Chosen of Armageddon, until they are all attacked. Bedlam transports them to the Timekeeper's Realm, and the Timekeeper tells them the story of what Armageddon is, for the price that Oblivia remain as his consort. She agrees, to the amazement of her teammates, and states that she doesn't want to die for the sake of a planet she hates. The Chosen are sent back to earth by the Timekeeper, and they are forced to face Armageddon alone.

    Oblivia ends up tricking the Timekeeper and kills him, drinking his blood to gain his knowledge. She learns the true extent of her power. Savior and Suspira are killed by Armageddon's blast, and Vex falls to her death, Oblivia returns to earth, this time with the need for artifacts that would ensure Armageddon's total destruction.

    With the help of the others, she acquires artifacts to help her gain enough power; essentially borrowing their aspects. She takes Vandala's shield, the the Death Scythe, Bedlam's chaotic brand, Lady Death's sword Apocalypse, and Smiley. She then channeled the energy and attacked Armageddon, killing him. But his death came with the wave of uncreation, which destroyed the world and separated it into eight different realities.

    Lady Death: Dark Alliance

    Oblivia was resurrected on the "Urban Gothic" world. Oblivia is again a DJ in a nightclub. There are trouble brewing, a drug Xorcist turned up on her club. When all the drug users turned to werewolves, Oblivia joined forces with Jade, and few other arrivals: Lady Death, Bad Kitty, Chastity and Morgan Gallows among them.


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