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Obliterator was born five and a half billion years ago. As a child, he knew he was different from the rest of his race. He lived only to hunt. As an adult he visited many medicons because he seemed to not lose any of his vitality. They told him he was a mutant and that all of his systems focused on his body's preservation.

His obsession to kill eventually made him responsible for the death of his entire race of twenty billion. His obsession eventually brought him to other worlds to continue to kill and he lives only for death.

When conquering other planets he met Gardener and learned there were others like him in the universe. In the next billion years he met the rest and they joined together as the Elders of the Universe.


The Obliterator was created by writer Steve Englehart and artist Mashall Rogers and first appeared in Silver Surfer Volume 3 issue 4 (1987).

Major Story Arcs

Against the Silver Surfer

When Silver Surfer and Mantis learned of the Elders plot to kill Galactus, Obliterator hunted them down to kill them. They escaped him but he soon found them on the planet Gullish-Yar. He seemingly killed Mantis and had Surfer completely overpowered. But the Surfer outsmarted him, rearranging the molecules in his weapons to make them harmless. When he realized he couldn't kill anymore he lost his will to live but was forced to stay alive because Grandmaster had made a deal with Death for them to be immortal.

He told them the true scope of the Elders plans in the hopes that they would provide Grandmaster with the same horrible fate he had received. Unable to fly, Obliterator was left behind on the planet, to spend eternity in misery.


Unable to die, Obliterator becomes a drunk, wishing death. He is contacted by the Contemplator who tells him all he needs new weapons, something Obliterator never considered. He also tells him that they are the last two Elders and the plot to kill Galactus failed. He goes and gets new weapons, claiming them to be even better than his last ones. Tired of waiting for Contemplator to send a ship for him, he steals one and heads for revenge on the Silver Surfer.

He stops at a weaponsmith and has his weapons modified so that the Surfer cannot ruin them again. He then heads to Zenn-La. After decimating the population, the Silver Surfer arrives. He plans to destroy the planet but the Surfer tells him if he does then he would be the last Zenn-Lavian and would become an Elder and be his brother. Obliterator decides to kill Surfer first, but the Surfer flees, trying to lure him away.

Powers and Abilities

Obliterator is extremely strong and durable. His obsession caused his longevity but eventually Grandmaster made it so all Elders were truly immortal.

Obliterator is equipped with various weaponry capable of damaging even cosmic beings. He is well prepared to kill nearly anything from heat seeking missile-darts, powerful beams, gases and pesticides.

Obliterator travels on a personal space glider equipped with weapons of it's own.


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