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WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS A VIRUS. Since 1972, every government has denied producing biological weapons: lethal viruses that leave victims convulsing and choking on their own blood and spew. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has four public objectives for the prevention of biohazards. The mission of a secret fifth objective: identify, infiltrate, and neutralize the munitions building capacity of other countries, multinational corporations, and a mysterious mastermind who is orchestrating a plan to turn the planet into a hot zone. This premiere issue begins the story of Lark, Alexis, and DJ as they travel to a secret desert party. They are interrupted on the way there by a flat tire. While fixing it, they smell something strange. Only later do they realize that they have been exposed to a strange virus, one which leaves them incapacitated. Recovered by the CDC, they learn they have been forever altered by a DNA enhancing retrovirus, gain supersoldier abilities, and are asked to be the pilot Objective 5 team and go into training. Time is of the essence, however, as their once-friend, Simon has also been exposed and recovers with terror on his mind and viral energy flowing through his veins. Inventive new penciller Luke Lizalde is joined by the all star cast of Danny Mikis Crime Lab Inkworks, veteran colorist Tyson Wengler, and research scientists at the actual CDC to ensure that this book spreads faster than an airborne Ebola variant.







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