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    Obelix (Fr. Obélix) is a sidekick with superhuman strength in the Asterix comic books. He is Asterix' closest friend (they even have the same birthday) and works as a menhir delivery man.

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    Obelix is the great friend of Asterix, who is his inseparable companion of adventure, along with Idefix, his faithful dog. Obelix has superhuman strength, because as a child he has fallen in a cauldron in which the druid of the village, Panoramix, was preparing his magic potion. Sculptor and trader of menhirs, he spends his free time to stroll and chat with Asterix, to hunt wild boar and beat the Roman legionnaires. He is a genuinely kind character with an appetite of steel and there's nothing he loves more than a good meal around the fire with all his friends and large quantities of wild roasted boar. His quote is:"ils sont fous ces romains?" which means "are those romans crazy?"

    Character Creation

    Obelix was created by writer René Goscinny and artist Albert Uderzo

    Character Evolution

    Obelix is a cartoon character from the series Asterix and Obelix, the French duo of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. There are only two things that enrage Obelix and make him dangerous: to be called "fat" or "big" and seeing his dog Idefix in danger. When those two things happen, he turns into an angry, dangerous man. Obelix, when in a bad mood, can take out an army of Romans. He once had the entire army of Roma as a birthday present, as his fellow soldiers and friends cheered him.

    Major Story Arcs


    Alongside his friend Asterix, Obelix goes on a number of adventures, often with the magical assistance of a potion produced by the druid Panoramix, which grants superhuman strength to the person who drinks it. In his adventures, he travels widely, to places such as Egypt, Britain and even America, and comes into conflict with various groups, including the Romans, Vikings, and other Gauls, often relying on his wits to get himself and Obelix out of a tight spot.

    Powers and Abilities

    Obelix has superhuman strength which is only enhanced by how angry he is at a given time. His strength is great enough to where he can take on entire legions by himself.


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