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    The O-Force was a celebrity mutant group, whose exploits where made into a reality series. They where the counterpart to the X-statix team, untill many members died during a mission.

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    Origin of the Team

    The team was said to be created for a reality television show where mutants compete for a place in the O-Force team. Three of the trainees Oracle, Oink, and Orifice were only pictured in a single panel and did not later appear with the team because they din't make the team.

    The O-Force television show airs with the mutants being Overkill, Orchid, Optoman, and Ozone. They compete in a fight onscreen, with Optoman taking the brunt of it. Later, as the team is assembled a video is shown across the nation of a practice mission. O-Force's first mission is to rescue a group of actors from a mansion filled with gunmen. X-Statix does not believe the mission is anything more then a set-up to make the actors and O-Force look good. This is confirmed by the thought bubbles of Solomon O'Sullivan, O-Force's agent. Then gunmen who threaten the actors then are later slaughtered to a man, wear the same uniform as the ones who killed many members of X-Statix-Force before.

    It is announced on television that O-Force's next mission will be to take back a small town from the control of a reality-altering mutant named Arnie Lundberg. As Solomon briefs his tea, the Orphan breaks in tries to warn them. He is attacked and beaten by the team. They decided to go anyway.

    The initial attack goes badly. An army of the undead, raised by Arnie, attacks the team. Ocean's legs are blown off. She begs Overkill for help but he abandons her. The Orphan parachutes in and saves Ocean. The rest of X-Statix quickly arrive as backup, thus saving the lives of O-Force. Arnie Lundberg is convinced to use his powers for good and heals Ocean's legs and the team is carted off by the ambulances.


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