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Leaving after final confrontation
Leaving after final confrontation

Group first meets during the events of NYX: Wannabe. They are gathered by Kiden Nixon, as the ghost of her father points her in their direction, altering their lives forever. After being unintentionally responsible for ruining her life, Kiden arrives to Cameron Palmer's apartment just in time to prevent her suicide. Cameron is glad to be alive, but refuses to believe that Kiden's dead father is appearing to her, until another vision leads the two to a trashy motel where they encounter X-23 for the first time, standing over a dead body of one of her clients. Running away from the police and X-23's former pimp, Zebra Daddy, the three meet Tatiana for the first time, bloody and almost beaten to death by the mob after discovering her mutant powers for the first time. Meanwhile, Bobby Soul, a teen mutant with a power to project himself into other people's bodies is hired by Zebra Daddy to track down X-23. He does so, but is contacted by the ghost of Kiden's father, who asks him to do the right thing and help the girls instead. In the final confrontation in front of the Cameron's apartment young mutants use their powers to defeat Zebra Daddy and his lackeys, saving Cameron's life in the process. At the end they are seen leaving the scene, as Bobby invites them to slum with him and his baby brother for a while.


  • Kiden Nixon - virtually stops time by entering faster time-stream, or what she calls "no time". Powers work best during the time of stress. She can bring other people with her, as long as there's skin-on-skin contact.
  • X-23 - adamantium claws, healing factor and pretty much anything else Wolverine has, as she's his clone.
  • Tatiana "Catiana" Caban - blood-activated shapeshifter. Can shift into both lycanthropes, when she touches animal blood, and humans, when she gets in contact with another human's blood.
  • Bobby Soul - projection into other people's minds. His mutation is more a curse than a blessing, though, as he loses a part of his memories every time he projects into someone else.
  • Lil' Bro - psychic projection. He sometimes uses it as a means for communication, as he's severely autistic.
  • Cameron Palmer - a regular, human teacher.

No Way Home

Gang after No Way Home
Gang after No Way Home

At the beginning of No Way Home Kiden and Tatiana are living with Bobby and Lil' Bro, and X-23 is gone. Cameron is working as a substitute teacher, trying to get her life back in control. However, their lives are soon thrown back into chaos as they discover Cameron's apartment filled with blood and Cameron gone. The only clue to what happened is the picture of them all together, stuck on the wall with a knife. They run away before the police arrives, only to learn that they are wanted as the main suspects in Cameron's kidnapping. As they are once again forced to hide, the group must decide whether Cameron's life is worth risking all of their own. After Tatiana's speech about them being a family, Bobby agrees to take them to a person he suspects may know something about kidnapping, but the things go wrong and Tatiana is shot. Bobby and Kiden race to the hospital in "no time", but Tatiana's life is put in even more of a danger as her powers manifest during blood transfusion and government agents are called in. On their way to Cameron, Bobby and Kiden encounter a mysterious man connected to the kidnapping. During the fight he attempts to kill Lil' Bro causing Bobby to use his powers again, temporarily losing a huge part of his memory, including the memories of Lil' Bro and Kiden. Defeated, Kiden and Bobby return to the hospital that is now surrounded by military. They manage to get Tatiana out somehow, carrying her trough "no time" to the underground doctor Bobby has heard of - Cecilia Reyes. Cecilia is more than glad to patch Tatiana and tries to contact Beast and ask for his help, however Kiden's encounter with a women immune to her powers causes her paranoia to come back in full swing and she convinces the others to run away again. Hiding in the subway, they have another argument, as Bobby tells Kiden he can not risk losing more of his memories, because he cares more about Lil' Bro than Cameron. Kiden doesn't agree with him and leaves the group deciding to go save Cameron by herself, however Lil' Bro is contacted by Nick Nixon's ghost who informs them (through psychic projection) where Cameron is being held. There, mutants are forced to face their fears as they are brought into dream-like state, and Kiden discovers that her father has been manipulating her choices all along in order to keep her alive. He has, however, hidden Lil' Bro's powers from his conspirators, and their captor is killed by one of the Lil' Bro's projections. The gang finds tortured and broken Cameron who once again proclaims that it's Kiden's fault her life is so horrible. After leaving Cameron's unconscious body in front of the hospital they leave together.


  • Kiden Nixon
  • Tatiana "Catiana" Caban
  • Bobby Soul
  • Lil' Bro
  • Cameron Palmer

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