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NYX follows a group of teenage mutants, all ripped from their homes, as they attempt to survive on the streets of New York City. Its biggest contribution to the comic book universe, however, would most likely be considered the fact that it premiered X-23 in the comic book world.

Kiden, X-23 and Cameron
Kiden, X-23 and Cameron

Main protagonist is Kiden Nixon, rebellious teenage girl who witnessed her father getting killed as a child. Her family is a mess: her brother Tyler is a drug dealer, and their mother is failing to keep her children in control as she raises them on her own. Kiden's life seems like a complete and utter mess, until she discovers her mutant powers during a school fight. Unfortunately, her happiness is short and Kiden's life begins unraveling even further as the consequences of her actions envelop the lives of one Cameron Palmer, the school teacher, jokingly known as Mother Teresa, Tatiana Caban, lonely outcast who prefers company of animals to that humans, X-23, mysterious underage prostitute, and assassin-for-hire Bobby Soul and his little brother.

Continued in NYX: No Way Home (2008).

Collected in NYX: The Complete Collection.

Translated into Spanish.

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