NYX #3

    NYX » NYX #3 - Wannabe: Part Three released by Marvel on February 2004.

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    This issue features the first appearance of X-23!

    This issue starts in Hotel Brazil at night. X-23 is in bed masquerading as a prostitute. A man gets out of the bed and pays her, telling her that she will go far in the city. He puts on his shirt revealing massive scratch marks made by X-23.

    Back at Cams apartment, Kiden has phoned an ambulance and they ask her questions about Cameron. Kiden replies only to ask if she can ride in the ambulance with Cam.

    Down 34th street, X-23 stands in the rain, her eyeliner dripping down her face. A car pulls up and the window winds down. A mans face is shown. His name is Zebra Daddy. Back at the hospital, Cam wakes up and Kiden is full of life again.

    At the Flatiron district, Zebra Daddy explains to X-23 how much he loves her. She doesn't reply but Zebra Daddy doesn't give her a chance to as he confronts her about emo cuts down her arm. He says she'll lose business if she keeps it up. Then he calls for a woman named Jade. He tells her a man wants to buy some drugs off her. She tells him she knows the man and he hurt her before. Daddy beats her up and tells her he only cares about the money, not her safety. X-23 slits her arm again.

    Cameron is now back at her place and is eating soup with Kiden. She expresses her concern for Kidens mother and her temper flares. Kiden then says that she's a time controlling mutant and Cam says that just because she's been through a lot that doesnt make her a mutant. She then gets angry and tells Kiden if she isn't at her mums place by dawn shes calling the child welfare agency.

    Over at hotel Brasil X-23 has just done business with the same man again. He tells her he's done some bad things in his life and reveals he is married. He pulls out a knife and stabs himself through the chest.

    Kiden is asleep on Camerons sofa when an image of her father appears in her dream. He is shot, then gets up and says "Hotel Brasil, 202" Kiden wakes up screaming and writes down the name on a bit of paper. The ink sinks through a few sheets so when Cam gets up she goes after kiden.

    Upon arrival Kiden and Cam see the man lying dead on the floor and X-23 on the bed, slitting her arms again. She says 'hi' to them and the issue ends.



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    Child prostitutes, school shootings, censored swearing 0

    Semi-naked child prostitutes, suicide attempts, illegal-drug use. These HBO-worthy tropes are all to be found in these pages, but swears are still censored. This incongruity barely detracts from a series that has just stepped up the level of mental torture it's willing to subject its characters to. (At least their delicate ears are shielded from naughty words, though.)The new character (who we'll soon know as X-23) barely says a word this issue, but Joshua Middleton's rendering of her makes her ...

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