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Ok guys, this is the first installment of the NYX wannabe series. It begins in Alphabet City, NY. Elizabeth Nixon is taking her daughter Kiden, son Ty and 2 baby twins to see their father at the NYPD. She tells Kiden that she forgot to get their father a cake for his birthday and she needs Kiden to keep him busy for a while. Tyler gets annoyed but Elizabeth manages to shut him up.

Arriving at the police station, Kiden is exstatic to see her father and says she wants to go to the park. Elizabeth, Ty and the twins leave and Kiden and her father go to get ice-cream at Ninos Store. Upon leaving her father says he knows the Elizabeth has gone to get him a cake. Kiden asks why but a driveby occurs and her father is shot. Kiden sits on the floor helpless.

We are taken about 10 years into the future. Kiden is now 16 and her life has completely fallen apart. Shes sitting on a toilet at an illegal rave and is about to drop ecstasy with her friend Kara. When she does they go out and party the night away. And so NYX begins....

The next morning is a school day and Kiden is in bed. Her alarm goes off and Elizabeth has a go at her. Since the death of her husband her life has fallen apart aswell. She has a go at Kiden and Kiden gets rude to her and walks off. When she gets to the kitchen Ty asks if they enjoyed the rave and Kiden isnt realy in the mood for talking to him either.

In the kitchen Elizabeth walks in and says to Kiden shes sorry and wishes they could sit down and talk normally. She walks off and Kiden goes through her mums bag to see if she has any cigerettes. She doesn't. So Kiden goes to Ninos store when she manages to frame a man for stealing so she herself can steal some cigarettes.

At about 9am she and Kara are in the school playground smoking while a boy named Hector and his gang bully a kid as he cant do sports. Kiden says about her mum wanting to do 'the talk' but Hector throws a ball at one of her breasts. They get in an argument and Kiden blows smoke in his face. He slpas her and she pulls his earring out making his face bleed.Their teacher, Cameron Palmer walks out and sends Kiden to the guidance counselor.

Upon returning to class Kara expresses her concern to Kiden about them getting killed by Hectors gang. Kiden tells Kara not to worry and they walk to their next class but, in the hallway they are ambushed by Hectors gang. Kara gets attacked and wets herself and really gets hurt while Kiden is floored, face bleeding. At the height of her emotional peak she screams "STOP IT!" and time stops. She doesnt understand what was going on but touches Hectors arm. It snaps and breaks.

Thats the story of NYX #1!



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Teenage Drama 0

This comic is mainly just a focus on the life of a troubled teen but at the same time it is quite enjoyable. Main themes in her life include watching her police officer get shot, her habit of smoking, her boundless anger and the mocking of her best friend Kara. However it is in this comic that her life completely changes when she gets pissed off by a gang leader, Hector and then attacks him. This causes him to promise her that she is dead, the two emerge from the infirmary/counseling centers bef...

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A reflection on daily life 0

The public nowadays are hard to please. If they watch a TV show it will have to have everything as perfect as it could be, and theyre the same with comics. Though I'm sure that many people who read comics want explosive and out of this world stories, I'm also sure that they want something down to earth, something they can relate to, and I am sure that NYX Wannabe contains that.First off, the whole story begins with a flashback of our main character Kiden. It shows how, even at the age of just fi...

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