Nyoirin Henecha

    Character » Nyoirin Henecha appears in 38 issues.

    Nyoirin was the lover and master of ninja Kwannon and rival of the hand. He would ally with Matsuo so they would both have the woman they loved, leading to the mixing and merging of Kwannon with Psylocke.

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     He is one of the many yakuza leaders of Japan though his own power is decidedly more limited than the Cyber samurai and clan yashida. He groomed a young Kwannon to be his chief assassin and bodyguard and as she grew older they fell in love. Out of duty she remained with him Physically and otherwise. When she was severely injured in battle with Matsuo Tsurayaba , both men were distraught. 
    When Psylocke  was discovered he gave his approval for Matsuo Tsurayaba  to merge and mix them and thus he got Kwonnon in Psylocke's body who he would Cristen  Revanche . He would years later send her to the X-men to cause trouble. He then hired the silver samurai as a temporary bodyguard. He also made alliances with fellow Japanese underground criminals Shinobi Shaw and Tatsuo .In the end she realized who she was and he was killed by Matsuo.

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