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    Nyna Calixte is the alter-ego of Morrigan Corde. She is an ambitious, career driven woman who will let nothing get in her way as she rises through the ranks of the New Galactic Empire.

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    Character Evolution

    Morrigan Corde began her career as an Imperial Intelligence agent for the New Galactic Empire. While serving in this position she was paired up with Kol Skywalker, a Jedi Council member. They fell in love, were secretly married and had a child together, Cade Skywalker. Morrigan was AWOL from the Intelligence Corps and, over time, began to feel as if she had no future playing the part of "Cade's mommy" as she was not force sensitive and felt out of place among the other Jedi. Torn between the love of her son and her career she left Kol and Cade, two years after her son's birth, and returned to Imperial Intel.

    Upon her return she recreated herself into a new persona and took on the name Nyna Calixte. She changed her hair color to black, (from blonde), and her eye color to green, (from blue), so as to completely distance herself from the woman she once was. Under this new identity she quickly rose through the ranks to become the Director of Intelligence and then went on to become a Moff. While serving as Moff, Nyna married Moff Rulf Yage and had a daughter named Gunn. As the marriage between the two Moffs did not last long, Nyna again abandoned her child to move on with her ambitions.

    Major Story Arcs

    During the Ossus Project, the ship that she was serving on was at Wayland when her ex-husband and son were attempting to flee the planet. After the Jedi were rescued and brought into the Imperial Star Destroyer Kol found Nyna and pleaded with her to at least meet her son. She refused saying that part of her history was dead and should be forgotten.

    Years later she allied herself with Morlish Veed in an effort to dethrone Emperor Roan Fel. They collaborated with the Sith to not only make war against the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi but to get rid of Fel so that Veed could take the throne. The Sith betrayed those plans however and Darth Krayt took the Imperial crown for himself. Nyna was able to convince the Sith to keep her around and she was tasked with running Imperial Intel and making sure the other Moffs did as they were told. She also was critical in saving Roan Fel's life when she alerted him to Krayt's coming and had him retreat to Bastion when she learned that the Sith were double crossing her. In order to have as much influence as possible she not only kept working for the Sith, but allied herself with Fel as a spy among the Sith ranks.

    While serving in this new position she was told by her commander, Darth Maladi, that she was to find a bounty hunter named Cade and bring him to Darth Krayt. She wanted to make sure she got to her son first and 'hired' Morrigan Corde to track him down. While back in action as Morrigan she met up with and then betrayed the Sith that was also tasked in finding Cade, doing what she could to keep the Sith from getting to him. After finally tracking him down she has a rare show of maternal emotion and decides to simply leave Cade alone for the time being.

    Nyna's spying for Roan Fel was eventually discovered and she was poisoned and then shot by her partner, Morlish Veed. Thinking she was dead, Veed reported everything to Moff Yage, not realizing that Nyna had escaped to her ship. Calixte, realizing the poison had no cure, decided to flee to The Wheel in order to meet with Cade and apologize for everything she had done to him. When she arrived she told Cade that she really did love him but he refused to use the Force to heal her. His father, Kol, appeared to him as a Force ghost and pleaded for his son to let go of his anger, to forgive his mother and to heal her. Cade eventually relented and healed his mother before the poison could take her life.

    Now living again as Morrigan Corde, she teamed up with her son to defeat Darth Krayt. They battled their way onto Coruscant and defeated Darth Krayt but were afraid his body would be resurrected by the Sith. Cade asked Morrigan if he could use her ship, the Raider, to fly Krayt's corpse into the sun but told her he would have to be on the ship the entire time to make sure it happened. Thinking Cade was about to die, she gave him a family heirloom that had a secret tracking device in it and tearfully sent him off. En route to the Coruscant sun, Luke Skywalker appeared to Cade and convinced him to eject from the ship. Later realizing that the tracking device was still active, even though the ship had been destroyed, Morrigan sent out two of Cade's friends to rescue him.


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