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    Brother to Pico

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    While his brother Pico worked for the notorious arms dealer named Tolliver, Nyko made his own way in life. Whatever he did gained him a proficiency with firearms.


    Written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Joe Madureira.

    Major Story Arcs

    Once Tolliver dies, information about his will becomes very valuable. Because of Nyko's relation to Tolliver's lackey Pico, Nyko becomes a wanted man. He would never admit it to such lowlifes, but Nyko did in fact become the holder of information of Tolliver's will after his brother's death. Instead of holding onto it and having to fear for his life, Nyko gets Courier to take the information to exchange with the Executive Elite. Their payment for the information: Revenge. Nyko wants those responsible for his brother's death to end up the same way. He puts a target on Deadpool, Cable, and Copycat. The Executive Elite fail in their mission when trying to get Deadpool and Nyko presumably gives up his search for retribution.


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