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Nux's parents were citizens in the Citadel; however, their names were unknown. Nux's father was killed after being recruited for a mission outside of the Citadel that ran into a hostile raider party, but Nux was so young he couldn't comprehend his death. Nux, believing his father to still be alive, attempted to find him by clinging to the elevator in the Citadel.

he elevator guardians wanted to test him to see how strong he was, they tried knocking him off but young Nux prove he was a tough nut to crack. Astonished at his strength and endurance at such a young age Nux became a member of Immortan Joe's War Boys.


Nux was created by George Miller for the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road.

Character Evolution

Nux was originally a follower of Immortan Joe and was willing to die for his cause, attempting to impress him on several occasions. When Nux failed in front of Joe he suffered a great amount of shame and abandoned his cause as he saw no more purpose in trying.

Nux was found on the war-rig by one of Immortan Joe's wives and was taken in, eventually becoming a vital member of Furiosa's team. While Nux's life outside of the War Boys was short lived he had finally learned to become his own person and discovered a purpose in his life.

Major Story Arcs

Fury Road

When Furiosa betrayed Immortan Joe the War Boys were called to chase her, young Nux was one of the many who attempted to bring her back to the Citadel. It was during this chase that Nux met Mad Max, who was Nux's blood bag (a living blood supply) and was strapped to the front of Nux's vehicle. Nux ended up getting in an accident after Max broke free from his restraints and attacked Nux.

Surviving the accident Nux was attached to Max via handcuffs, Max woke up before Nux and carried him through the wasteland, following the tracks of the war-rig. Nux woke up as Max was fighting with Furiosa, believing that Max was attempting to capture her Nux joined the fight; however, he was incorrect in his assumptions. Max was able to cut the link between himself and Nux and left Nux in the wasteland while he and Furiosa drove away in the war-rig.

Nux was picked up by Immortan Joe and the War Boys and informed Joe of the path the war-rig was taking. Such an act gained him a seat in Immortan Joe's vehicle as the pursuit continued. When they met up with the war-rig Nux tried to mount an assault on the vehicle; however, he failed and was disowned by Immortan Joe. Due to the great shame this caused him he decided to hide on the war-rig and wait for death to greet him.

While on the rig he was discovered by one of Immortan Joe's wives. She was able to help ease his pain and reassured him that there are greater things in life than impression Immortan Joe. Viewing life with a renewed purpose Nux decided to work alongside Furiosa and Mad Max, helping them fight off the War Boys while repairing the war-rig in battle.

Nux made the ultimate sacrifice when they were headed back to the Citadel, as the driver of the war-rig he crashed it to prevent the War Boys from reaching Furiosa and Max. Nux was killed in the resulting explosion of the crash but died knowing he was a hero.

Skills & Abilities

Nux was shown to be a skilled mechanic and had above-average skills in vehicular combat.

In Other Media

Mad Max: Fury Road

In the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road Nux was portrayed by Nicholas Hoult.


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