Nurse Nine

    Character » Nurse Nine appears in 18 issues.

    Nurse Nine is the school nurse that conducts experiments on the students

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    Nurse Nine is a textbook sadist with the true depths of her sadism possibly being shown when she suggests cracking Jade's head open to see what comes "pouring out". She thoroughly enjoys experimenting on the students and even takes pride in the "work" she has done and can often be seen with a malicious smile on her face. Besides the joy she gets from torturing students she also finds pleasure in the mutilated corpses she is charged with taking care. She even seems to respect the handiwork of both Zoe and the spectral "David" calling it "Beautiful".

    She also believes that she can "feel" whether or not a student is special.

    In the Academy

    Nine, as she is called, is seen talking to a member of the faculty in her office as she dismisses Jade as "just another birthday girl". She feels the punishment about to befall the girl is befitting and expresses glee and finding splitting Jade's head. Following this she is next seen preparing for Jade's arrival. After Jade is scrapped to a chair she turns to face her, smiling while brandishing a needle with an unknown green substance. She injects the liquid into Jade's neck which apparently knocks her out. When she comes to she questions her on what she saw before Jade vomits into a bucket.

    Nine grows frustrated with this and calls Jade "worthless". She states that she would tell the Headmaster the development soon enough and realizes that he would be unhappy about this. She also reveals the likelihood that Jade would be executed in the morning.

    Nine is standing over Jade when Hunter is brought into the room. She is informed that it may be concussion. She checks his pulse and starts saying that his pulse feels normal before Hunter awakens and says that the guard was referring to her. She is knocked out and the guard is revealed to be Hisao in disguise.

    Nine shows up again in issue 12 when Lara Hodge returns to the school and stops by her establishment. While Hodge inspects a students body Nine expresses mirth at the state of the cadavears and shrugs off Hodges exclamation that she is "disgusting". When urged by Hodge to open another bag she reminds her that she was always a little squeamish when it came to their mascots "handiwork". She makes no attempt to hide her glee as they examine the remains. She later directs Hodge to Ms. Daramounts location.


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