Nurse Fester

    Character » Nurse Fester appears in 22 issues.

    Nurse Fester used to be nurse at the Dunwich Sanatorium until Dr. Rottwell took over, and experimented on her. She is now Dr. Rottwell most loyal employee.

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    Nurse Fester was a normal beautiful woman who worked as a nurse at Dunwich Sanatorium before she met Algernon J. Rottwell. When Rottwell later took over Dunwich he experimented on Nurse Fester turning her into a gross abomantion who was only loyal to Rottwell himself.


    Major Story Arcs

    Insane in the Brain

    For more information see; Insane In The Brain


    For more information see: Rot

    When Dr. Rottwell restarted his operation Nurse Fester is there by his side. When Dr. Rottwell watched Wolverine leave the ruins of Dunwich Sanatorium, Nurse Fester was by the evil doctor's side. Later when Charlie Chainsaws and Baylee Ann return with paralazed Wolverine Nurse Fester is there. When Dr. Rottwell starts experimenting on Wolverine Nurse Fester acts as Rottwell's assistant.

    The only time Nurse Fester isn't by Dr. Rottwell's side is when the FBI shows up and Nurse Fester and Mrs. Rottwell ambush Agent Dennis Wells. Mrs Rottwell and Nurse fester are about to torture Agent Wells but Wolverine shows up and gut Nurse Fester. Wolverine leaves her for dead and goes off to kill Dr. Rottwell.

    Sometime later after Logan leaves, Nurse Fester goes into the woods, insides still falling out, and starts up a homemade machine. As the machine powers up Dr. Rottwell falls out healed from the beheading Wolverine gave him earlier.


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