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Proper Japanese Title: Ima e to Tsunagu (今へと繋ぐ)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 61: A Certain Ayakashi's Proposal: Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru, Part 4 (ある妖の求婚 妖刀・祢々切丸その4 Aru Ayakashi no Kyūkon: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Yon)
  • Chapter 62: The Captured Princess: Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru, Part 5 (囚われの姫様 妖刀・祢々切丸その5 Toraware no Hime-sama: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Go)
  • Chapter 63: The Beast Path: Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru, Part 6 (獣道 妖刀・祢々切丸その6Kemono Michi: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Roku)
  • Chapter 64: For Example, Perhaps, Sakura: Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru, Part 7 (例えるなら桜 妖刀・祢々切丸その7 Tatoeru Nara Sakura: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Shichi)
  • Chapter 65: Castle Keep: Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru, Part 8 (天守閣 妖刀・祢々切丸その8Tenshukaku: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Hachi)
  • Chapter 66: Connecting to the Present (今へと繋ぐ Ima e to Tsunagu)
  • Chapter 67: The Eight Kekkai (八つの結界 Yattsu no Kekkai)
  • Chapter 68: The Supreme Commander vs. the Young Head (総大将対若頭 Nurarihyon tai Nurarihyon)
  • Chapter 69: The Tono Story, Part 1: The Hidden Village (遠野・物語 その1/隠れ里 Tōno Monogatari Sono Ichi/Kakurezato)

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