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Proper Japanese Title: Jami no Tadayou Ie (邪魅の漂う家)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 43: White Snow Standing Out in the Darkness (闇に際立つ白い雪 Yami ni Kiwadatsu Shiroi Yuki)
  • Chapter 44: The Heads (幹部戦 Kanbu-sen)
  • Chapter 45: The Devil's Hammer (魔王の小槌 Maō no Kozuchi)
  • Chapter 46: Inugami Gyobu-Danuki: Tamazuki (隠神刑部狸・玉章 Inugami Gyōbu-Danuki Tamazuki)
  • Chapter 47: The End of Ambition (野望の終幕 Yabō no Shūmaku)
  • Chapter 48: The House Where the Jami Lurks: Part 1 (邪魅の漂う家 その1 Jami no Tadayou Ie Sono Ichi)
  • Chapter 49: The House Where the Jami Lurks: Part 2 (邪魅の漂う家 その2 Jami no Tadayou Ie Sono Ni)
  • Chapter 50: The House Where the Jami Lurks: Part 3 (邪魅の漂う家 その3 Jami no Tadayou Ie Sono San)
  • Chapter 51: Their Justice (二人の正義 Futari no Seigi)
  • Extra Story: Strange Tales of Ukiyoe Town (浮世絵町奇譚 Ukiyoe-chō Kitan)

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