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Proper Japanese Title: Yami yori Kurai Tsubasa o Motsu Yōkai (闇より暗い翼を持つ妖怪)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 34: The Yokai, Inugami: Part 6 (妖怪・犬神 その6 Yōkai Inugami Sono Roku)
  • Chapter 35: Nurarihyon's Journey to Shikoku (総大将四国への旅 Nurarihyon Shikoku e no Tabi)
  • Chapter 36: Counterattack (反撃 Hangeki)
  • Chapter 37: Gozu and Mezu, Secret Agents: Part 1 (牛頭馬頭密偵隊 その1 Gozu Mezu Mittei-tai Sono Ichi)
  • Chapter 38: Gozu and Mezu, Secret Agents: Part 2 (牛頭馬頭密偵隊 その2 Gozu Mezu Mittei-tai Sono Ni)
  • Chapter 39: Gozu and Mezu's Return (牛頭馬頭の帰還 Gozu Mezu no Kikan)
  • Chapter 40: A Hyakki Yako's Sakazuki (百鬼夜行の盃 Hyakki Yakō no Sakazuki)
  • Chapter 41: Hyakki Yako vs. Hachijuhakki Yako (百鬼夜行対八十八鬼夜行 Hyakki Yakō tai Hachijūhakki Yakō)
  • Chapter 42: A Yokai with Wings Darker Than Darkness (闇より暗い翼を持つ妖怪 Yami yori Kurai Tsubasa o Motsu Yōkai)
  • Extra Story: Yura at the HOUSE OF KANA (ゆら at the HOUSE OF KANA Yura atto za Hausu Obu Kana)

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