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Proper Japanese Title: Shōjō no Toki (清浄の時)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 185: To Mount Osore... (恐山へ… Osore-zan e...)
  • Chapter 186: The Gokadoin House (御門院家 Gokadoin-ke)
  • Chapter 187: The Necromantical Barrier Specialist (口寄せの結界師 Kuchiyose no Kekkai-shi)
  • Chapter 188: A Thousand Years' Sentiments (千年の想い Sen-nen no Omoi)
  • Chapter 189: The Katana's Voice (刀の声 Katana no Koe)
  • Chapter 190: Time of Purification (清浄の時 Shōjō no Toki)
  • Chapter 191: Rikuo Invites Friends Home (リクオ、実家に友人を招く Rikuo, Jikka ni Yūjin o Maneku)
  • Chapter 192: The Grand Assembly (大会議 Dai-kaigi)
  • Chapter 193: Tsuchigumo Returns Home (土蜘蛛、故郷へ帰る Tsuchigumo, Kokyō e Kaeru)

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