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    A new Inhuman who was a New York cop for almost 30 years. After he became an Inhuman, he joined their ranks.

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    Frank McGee was a member of the New York Police Department and was happily married. That was until Frank was changed by the terragen mists after the events of Infinity. It was then that Frank was revealed to be a member of the race of "Inhumans". His eyes had began to glow and could project energy. Frank's wife could not take the pressure of this change and eventually left him, heartbroken.


    Nur was created by Charles Soule and Pepe Larraz and first appeared in Inhuman issue 7 (2014).

    Major Story Arcs


    Frank was counting his options and eventually decided to join the Inhumans in the city of Attilan that was located in the New York Harbor Bay. Because of his expertise in law-enforcement, Frank was asked to become the primary policing force for the Inhumans. Accepting, Frank took on the name of Nur and was partnered with Auran. Togehter, they where tasked by Medusa to find the missing Blackbolt. Nur and Auran managed to find Blackbolt, captured by his brother Maximus. When Nur and Auran tried to arrest Maximus, he used a mind-controlled Blackbolt into using his powers, seemingly killing Auran and wounding her Nur. Auran was survived by her twin daughters. Nur swore to honor their mother and take care of the girls in some way or another.


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