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    Numina is a member of the surviving eight, heroes who escaped the Rikti war with their lives. They are better known as the Freedom Phalanx.

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    Numina is the daughter of Tommy Arcanus, a member of the Midnight Squad. He was a mage who delved very deeply into the arcane, and as such his body and spirit were affected with arcane energies. Due to this his daughter inherited magic from her very birth, and she was raised to control the arcane energies that flowed from her very being. When she became of age, she adopted the hero identity 'Numina' and began a career as a hero. Early on she joined the Midnight Squad, and during her time with them in the 1960's she and the squad plunged into caverns deep into the earth following leads. There the team discovered a soviet villain known as the Red Threat. His plan was one that would have destroyed the planet had he succeeded, but Numina possessed him and minimized the damage, saving the world. The consequence of this self sacrifice however destroyed her real body. She survived, her consciousness trapped deep and hidden within the red threat. When he was killed during the Rikti invasion, she was let free.

    She immediately threw herself into the combat to fight off the Invading Rikti and was one of the surviving eight heroes who fought in the war in the aftermath. She devoted her time afterward to helping the new generation of heroes, and helping the city rebuild after the war.

    She has a sidekick named Infernal, whom she helps grow accustomed to Earth. He has since become a full hero in his own right.


    Numina is a character who was created by the hero-fan 'Belle', a member of the city of heroes forums. She won the competition 'create a member of the surviving eight'

    Numina first appeared in Top Cows 'City of Heroes #3'

    Numina's praetorian earth counterpart is named Diabolique.


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