Number Two

    Character » Number Two appears in 20 issues.

    Number Two is a Mark II Sentinel with his own intellect, the ability to teleport himself and others across distances and a goal unique to himself. He believes it is unnecessary to kill mutants. More will be born in time. Sterilizing the human race is a more effective method.

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    Brief History

    He believes it would be relatively easy to wait for humanity to go extinct with no violence involved. The Sentinels could then genetically engineer a new human race. One with no mutants. He admits his plan might take years or even centuries. But us unaging robots, "we have nothing but time".
    Number Two has been criticized by other Sentinels for his evolved thoughts and powers. Which they argue make him a mutant as well.
    Number Two was reportedly among the unnamed Sentinels in "X-Men" vol. 1 #57-59. He was given his own personality in "Avengers" vol. 1 #102-104. Where he was destroyed by other Sentinels. He was rebuilt in "Marvel Super-Heroes" vol. 3 #6-8.

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