Number None

    Character » Number None appears in 6 issues.

    Member of the Second Brotherhood of Dada.

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    Nothing is known about Number None. The world's most elusive super villain, he is everybody and everything at some point, as he manifests as petty annoyances and nuisances in everyday life.


    Number None was created by Grant Morrison. It made its first appearance in Doom Patrol #50.

    Major Story Arcs

    Nobody for President

    Number None is invited by Mr Nobody to join the second Brotherhood of Dada. When he arrives to join the team he alerts them to his presence by causing Agent ! to walk into a door. He accompanies the team into the streets of Venice, where they are confronted by the Doom Patrol. He manifests his presence in the form of a banana peel upon which Crazy Jane slips while she is attempting to attack the Brotherhood. He accompanies the team to America for Mr Nobody's presidential campaign, and during John Dandy's attack on the team he causes a step to break under Dandy's foot, momentarily halting his attempt to assassinate Mr Nobody. Number None is one of the only members of the Brotherhood to survive the massacre.

    Powers and Abilities

    Number None appears to be more concept than being; he exists as nuisances, inconveniences, and bad luck. He may possess some form of probability manipulation. If he has a corporeal form, it is invisible, or he is incredibly sneaky.


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