Nuklon (McKenna)

    Character » Nuklon (McKenna) appears in 33 issues.

    Jerome Mckenna would follow a lifelong dream when the opportunity came to join Lex Luthors's Everyman Project.

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    Gaining vast strength he joined Luthor's reinvented Infinity Inc. as the new Nuklon. After Lex Luthor turned off the Everyman Project, McKenna was one of the few that survived. Instead his metagene activated, giving him the power to split into two beings. He named himself Double Trouble and rejoined Steel's Infinity Inc.

    His alternate personality began to bully his original personality. Eventually his dominant half decided he wanted to become the only personality. He believed that if he killed Jerome he would be the only one left, free to do what he wanted, but when he killed him he soon found out he could not actually exist on his own and he disappeared out of existence.


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