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    In December 2001, Marvel President Bill Jemas and Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada hatched a new gimmick: for a month one issue of most of their books would feature absolutely no dialogue and rely entirely on art for the purposes of telling a story.

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    This challenge was inspired by G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #21, a popular silent issue from 1984. It was further propelled by the debate over who is more needed in comics, to tell the story: the writer or the artist? You can write a novel without an artist, but the artist is an essential part of the process for comics. So when Quesada came up with this idea in 2002, he was saying, "Okay, artists, let's see what you've got." Some had better success than others, but it was an interesting experiment.

    Collected Editions:

    'Nuff Said (Collects: Inc. Hulk #35, New X-Men #121, PP: Spider-Man #38; Amz. Spider-Man #39 (480), Punisher #7, Thor #44, X-Force #123.


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