Nuclear Family

    Team » Nuclear Family appears in 13 issues.

    A group of Robots that are programmed to look and act like Dr. Shanner's family. They are the enemies of the Outsiders. The Nuclear Family was destroyed in an explosion.

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    Dr. Shanner is the creator of these Robots who were sent into a nuclear plant and given powers. They do Shanner's bidding and their ultimate goal is to blow up L.A. They defeat the Outsiders in their first battle and and were able to fend them off a second time, but were destroyed in a blast.

    They reappeared as part of the Battle for Blüdhaven, working for the Secret Society of Super Villains.

    Powers and Abilities

    Each android has different powers of a nuclear bomb. They all have the ability to fly. Radiation is the daughter's power. Heat is the older son's power. Electromagnetic attacks is the Mom's attack The younger son and dog can turn themselves into a type of radiation. They have been shown to attack even when there body is scattered into different sections (Arms, legs, head and torso).


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