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    Mutant from France, Silvie Rouge possesses the powers of telepathy, medium level telekinesis, empathy, and psychometry. She's a pacifist at heart and thus prefers to use her powers to calm her opponents instead of fighting them.

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    Marvel Italia

    Born in Avignone, France, Silvie Rouge [the french correct spelling of her first name is "Sylvie"] have an higher degree in biology, history and antropology, specializing in comunication between different culture but also different species and races, aided by her telepathy.

    Originally a member of the Eurolab, a scientific "on field" division of the Euromind, under the name of Nuage [French for "Cloud"], being a pacifist her primary role is to communicate with possible treat to avoid fight, since that of the Eurolab was usually reasearch mission.

    After the disastrous mission in Malaysia of the Task Force, twin-team of the Eurolab, Nuage and the new formed team Euroforce [formed by Eurolab and survivor of the Task Force] start to investigate the activities of Nadir Inc. and A.I.M., while Euromind declare outlaw all the member of the team.

    After the event of the "Europa" story-line, Nuage and the whole Euroforce have been declared dead, but continue operating as a Cover Team.

    In mission, she always prefer use stealth to k.o. her opponent with less force possible, often telepathically hiding her teammate for surprise attack, or using mind shock for instant k.o. guards.

    After M-Day

    Being a mutant, it's highly possible that Nuage lose her powers after the M-Day, even if that have not been proved. Anyway, she dosen't appear in the later incarnation of the team.


    Nuage have high level telepathy and is able to communicate with several creatures at one time. She can also use her telepathy for "brain shock" opponent, obscure her presence [and that of her friends], send simple subliminal order to someone and similar mind trick.

    She have also showned a medium level of telekinesis, she can telekinetically flight and "force punch" opponent.

    Nuage is always accompained by a flying sphere of bright light, a manifestation of her mind-powers, so she may have also some minor and unspecified light control power.


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