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When November 11 first appeared, he was tracking a dangerous Contractor known as "Havoc" alongside with partners April and July. They were later reassigned to tracking down BK-201 (Hei). During this time, November 11 encountered other Contractors including a former MI6 agent, Amber (formerly known as February). After discovering the true intentions of the MI6, November 11 confronts his superiors and kills them while later dying in the process. April and July visit his grave to pay their respects.

Character Evolution

As a Contractor, November 11 is a very calm person, also having a sense of humor even in more serious situations. Unlike most Contractors, November 11 developed an attachment to his comrades, often showing concern for their well-being. November 11 desipises smoking. Whenever he's around a smoker, he explains in great detail the harm it does to the smoker and the second- hand effects. This is ironic because he's forced to smoke in order to pay his price (Obeisance). After continuous encounters with Hei, November 11 learns that even Contractors can change their natural instincts, causing him to question his own organization.

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