Nova's role in Annihilation...

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Annihilation, in my opinion, is Rich Rider's coming of age story. The character really leaps from being a young man trying to find his way and becomes a full adult. To me, Annihilation ranks as one of the best, if not the best, Nova stories ever told. Doug Nova Prime Page
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I prefer Annihilation to Civil War as a big event comic this year. I've always been partial to Nova, and I love what they've done with the story.

Well, except for killing off Quasar. If he didn't have a history of resurrecting himself, I'd be pissed!

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Annililation is good, but not as good as civil war. I do agree that this may be one of Nova's defining story Arcs.

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The great thing is Abnett & Lanning 'get' space stories.... I can't wait for the Nova's new ongoing series

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it was a good story

it had all the top cosmic based heroes

also it kinda of put nova back into the light

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Annihilator of Annihilus of course lol^^

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not giving up are we...

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cpt_linger says:

"not giving up are we...
" />"

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Ok Nova kicked ass in Annihilation

He Beat:

Venom,Drax,and many more....In my eyes he is kick ass character

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Venom had a part in annihilation!?

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@Shazam (Lord M.): no. he is talking about when Nova came home during Civil War and obliterated the T-Bolts.
Annihilation is EASILY the best comic book event this century IMO.

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