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Nova & E-man first meeting
Nova & E-man first meeting

Katrinka was born and raised in Barrentown, Pennsylvania. She grew into rebellious teenager who joined a local motorbike gang. When arrested with the gang by the police, her father disowned her. She left her native town behind for life in a big city, hoping to make something out of herself. She enrolled as a geology student at Xanadu University. To pay the bills she took to working as an exotic dancer under the alias "Nova Kane".

Her job eventually let to her introduction to E-Man, an energy being that occasionally took human form. Nova found herself attracted to said human form and a friendship with romantic overtones started. Eventually a enemy of E-Man named the Samuel Boar, kidnapped her in a attempt to get revenge on E-Man. He took her to the Underground world located in Antarctica where he was going to take the sun located there so he needed her for bait to lure E-Man into helping him steal it. So he tied to a sacrificial post and told her the sun was going to erupt. E-Man arrived but was unable to save her, and she was killed by the explosion. Feeling angry E-Man vowed revenge against but as he was talking her heard Novas voice correcting him. He asked where she was but she said she was everywhere and nowhere, and that she was made of energy. Happy to hear she was alive he told her she has the same powers as him. E-Man then taught her how to assume human form at will, and in a instant she was whole again. Then then teamed up and went to stop the Boar plans for destroying the underground world.

Powers & Abilities

Nova Shapeshifting
Nova Shapeshifting

Nova Kane had no powers at first until she was killed and turned into Atoms like E-Man. She basically has the same powers as him so is able to shapeshift, stretch her body, Blast Energy from her hands, super strength, flight, and so on.

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