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Worldmind's Central Hub on Nu-Xandar.
Worldmind's Central Hub on Nu-Xandar.

The Nova Force is a nearly limitless energy source based on the fundamental force of gravity distributed by the Xandarian Worldmind to members of the Nova Corps. The amount of the Nova Force granted is based on the rank achieved in the Corps.

With the Nova Force, users are granted super strength, speed, durability, increased stamina and reflexes, gravimetric pulses and blasts, electromagnetic fields, limited healing factors and the ability to create wormholes.

Recently after the events of Annihilation, all of the Nova Force was transferred into the last remaining Nova Corps member, Richard Rider, making him the Nova Prime. A feat such as this was attempted by Garthan Saal, but proved too difficult to control and drove him insane. Rider is only able to maintain his sanity with the help of the Worldmind to control it.

Thanos Imperative

The Nova Corps had begun the early stages of reforming with the addition of a handful of probationary members. Each of them had a small portion of the Nova Force.

After the events of the Thanos Imperative, the Nova Force never returned from the Cancerverse along with Nova. The Cancerverse collapsed and was destroyed which seemingly trapped the Nova Force there, depowering the rest of the Corps and bringing Worldmind offline.

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