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Nice mother/son story

After returning to Earth fighting Titus and working with the Avengers, Sam struggles a bit to get back into the swing of things back home. Although light on action the issue has some nice mother/son moments between Sam and his mother who wants him to be careful and responsible with his new position as a cosmic-level hero, and is infurated by Sam's new religion: "Knowing Thor."

The new creative team does a pretty good job jumping right in although I could have used a little context for Sam working with the Avengers and I'm certainly going to miss McGuinness' art.

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    Got lots of reviews to catch up on so they will all be a bit shorter.This was a fantastic series under Jeph Loeb it was emotional, fun, action packed and generally just a really good read from issue 1. After last issues was near perfect I don’t think anything is likely to top it for a while, and I doubt the new creative team will, but I’m always quite hopeful, and I liked both writer and artist.PlotSam returns home after he is invited to join the Avengers, and asks Mum if he can join them, but ...

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    I was fairly concerned when I saw that Nova was going to get a new author after the initial origin story. Yeah, the origin wasn't anything fantastic, but it was by no means bad, and could certainly have been worse. Yet, I find that I much prefer the work Zeb has done here, as his writing is much wittier and more fun, allowing for our new Nova to spread his wings... or arms while he flies around I guess.This initial issue is very much focused on being a heartwarming intro to what is in store. App...

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