sifighter's Nova #13 - .NOW Chapter XIII: The Punch-Out At the Carefree Corral review

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Nova #13.Now Review or I can't believe Sam's made it this long

-This is also my review from CBR

First off before I start my review, I have to say that while I really like this title, especially with Duggan on it now, I'm surprised this title survived to reach the all-new marvel now. It was a title with a new character replacing one people already like who has had three creative changes so far, the fact that it's still here and is still going on in the future is miraculous. So, with all of that let's get on to Nova's run in with Beta Ray Bill. This issue follows last issue where after Sam accidentally helped the villain Captain Skaarn, who had captured some of Beta Ray Bill's people to sell as slaves, so obviously when Beta Ray Bill comes to Sam's town he is pretty pissed. Now a lot of this issue is a fight between Sam and Bill, which looks really great thanks to Paco Medina's art style, until Sam eventually learns he messed up big time and decides to make things right by helping Bill hunt down Skaarn. However what's best of all are character interactions and the humor. A lot of the humor in this issue stems mainly from Bill and his appearance as well as his connection to thor, and some of the jokes are great like when Sam's mom meets bill thinking its Thor. Duggan is also really showing that as Sam is progressing as a hero he is trying to be responsible when he not only tries to make up for his mistakes but also make sure his responsibilities to his family are taken care of, making it look that while Sam does have problems with certain responsibilities such as school he ultimately tries his best. I think that so far Duggan has an all out plan for Sam that I'm sure will be a lot of fun and exciting to read. I give this a 4/5 and I can't wait for the next issue.

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    It's taken a few issues, but here's where Duggan's finally found some good pacing. We have some great interactions between Sam with Moffet and his female friend, we have some stellar action between Nova and Beta Ray Bill, which is just such a cool character, in my opinion, there's some great humor here, and there's no forced actiony cliffhanger here. The end comes off as calm, and, though it has promises for the next issue, none of it is forced. It all feels much more natural, which is great.I'd...

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