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An Anniversary In Name Mostly

Despite the hype that may be behind the idea of a character having their 100th issue released, there isn't a whole lot that's special behind this. Yes, there's a little more content than usual, and there's a brief glossary of all the Nova issue covers and a cutsie little cartoon at the end, but in terms of the story itself, it just keeps moving along with the story at hand, which is both great and okay. In all honesty, though, this was probably the smartest move Wells could have made.

This issue presents Alex in a much more youthful state, most prominently to present the issues that he has to face being a kid in this overly adult world. There's a lot of character development between him and his mom, Speedball, Justice, the token female interest, but what really stands out to me, as always, is his time with Uatu, which is fantastic as usual and brings a smile to my face.

However, that's mostly what we see from the main bulk of the story. It's pretty straight forward, and certainly nothing new. This one feels a little more preachy though, with the obvious moral at the end of the story that's kind of spelled out for you.

The second half of the issue mostly involves Nova going on different missions of no consequence while some dialogue takes place at home. It reads well, but doesn't have much impact until the very last few moments that present a rather important change. Will said change last? I kind of doubt it, but I'm curious to see what Wells has up his sleeve. However, the change just kind of happens out of no where with little warning, which is kind of obnoxious, but whatever.

Whatever you may think, this is something you should be getting to continue the main Nova plot, which is still fairly solid and generally fun.

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