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    Nostromo is a member of X-Nation able of altering his physique to match technology he comes in contact with as well as manipulate that technology at will. He also uses this power to heal wounds.

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    After Doom on the year 2099 contacted Cerebra of the X-Men about a messiah to the mutant she collected orphaned mutant who might fit the bill and one of which was Gaberial Hess, codenamed, Nostromo. He moved with the mutant team X-Nation to their base in Halo city protected by the Sisterhood of the Howling Commandos. He fought against their enemy Avian after he tried to take Willow to find the mutant messiah. X-Nation went after her and during where attacked and given chips to shut down their powers but due to Nostromo's abilities he was able to free himself and the team. However Avian's agent shot Nostromo in the stomach but he and the others still escaped.

    However when they went home they found that the city had been flooded due to the New Atlantean uprising. Later still Nostromo began to lose control over his powers and after an examination by Cerebra and Desert Ghost they find it is due to some evil entity that attacks the two but Nostromo is able to gain control. He like the rest of the team is transported to the Savage Land after the flooding.

    During a journey of the area he along with a party of other heroes find an UFO that had crashed and investigate. However the ship traps them inside and the X-Nation member Willow ries to use her powers of shapeshifting to make it release them but she is overcome by the alien form. La Lunatica tossed her in a river to stop it. Nostromo goes in after and fights her but begins to turn into a Phalanx and La Lunatica goes back in after him. Doctor Doom sends men after him (now in a cocoon) but they are actually Phalanxs.

    Nostromo became a template for the Phalanx but Doom having experienced the aliens in his time had a plan to defeat them. He had created a virus that he lost track of after coming to the future but revealed that it was inside Nostromo and he created the messiah story to find him. He uses the program to stop them and Nostromo was ordained by Doctor Doom to become heir to his throne in Latveria after he died fighting the Phalanax as an apology for using him.

    2099: Exodus

    In the rewritten 2099 universe, Nostromo was seen working with Spider-Man 2099 and later, banding with X-Men 2099.


    Nostromo is a technopath and is able to connect with machines and repair them. He is also a techno-organic being and as such can repair himself via his technology and after possession he now has the powers of the Phalanax


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