Character » Nosferath appears in 4 issues.

    Also know as Child One, it's a Cosmic Demon, enemy and creator of Gemini

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    Nosferath is a powerfull demonic entity imprisoned eons ago into a "pan-dimension" similar to Limbo. Little or nothing is know about it and it's history, except that it is a creature with immense power that can control the so called "Meta-Impulse" (a scientific name given by Edwig Caine to it's demonic energy).

    While searching the secret of superhuman, Edwig Caine start to study magic, and in someway free Nosferath from it's prison. The monster enter the body of a newborn in the International Hospital of Segrate (a city near Milan, in Italy), and it's arrive relase a blast of "Meta-Impulse" that kills any other baby in the hospital and transform into monster all others humans.

    Anyway, even if incredibly powerfull, Nosferath was still immature in that children body, and needed aid and protection. When Edwig Cain arrive to the hospital (alongside Italian Militars), he made a pact with the Nosferath: he would take care of the entity, now surnamed "Childe One", and the entity will undisclose to him the secret of the superhumans.

    Accepting the pact, Child One resurrect with meta-impulse 5 newborns, and Mr. Illusion save them from the monster and take them to Edwig Cain. The 5 babies will become the members of Gemini.

    However, Edwig Caine try to trick the devil, closing Child One in containment technology and slowing it's growing process: after more than 20 years, Child One was still a baby and can't reach the full extend of it's powers.

    When Front start to investigate about the origins of his team, Child One lure Edwig Caine assistant, Alma Zareth, into freeing it in exchange of great power. With the help of Alma Zareth [now Alma Matrix] and Mr. Illusion, Nosferath fight Gemini and nearly killed all of them, but it's easly surprised and defeated by The Voyager, who cage it again in it cosmic prison.


    The true mother of the baby called "Child One" (the real baby, killed and possessed) was called Laura Di Giovanni. She lived in paranoia from that day, chased by nightmare and horrible vision, till she was killed by Mr. Illusion on order of the Child One itself. Howaver, the mind of Mr. Illusion is so confused that he think the woman died from brain cancer.


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