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After the murder of her parents as a child, Purple Hayes immersed herself in Criminology. When she reached adulthood she struck out as a costumed crime fighter..Nosferata the She-Bat .

Backed by a loyal Butler-ette and a Publicist she was aided byShe-Hulk in battle against her Parents murderer, the psychotic Jack Serious.

Later she again fought with She Hulk against the She-Hulk impersonator Adrenazon.

She was last seen along with almost every other She-Hulk related character at Jen's Time Infraction Trial heckling Razor Back for his misguided attempt to defend She-Hulk.

She was considered a potential recruit by the Initiative.


  Though somewhat kooky and obsessive-compulsive, Nosferata is a capable chemist, criminologist, disguise artist, and hand-to-hand fighter. She wears a flight-pack under her winged cloak, allowing her to fly for short distances. Nosferata carries throwing Nosferatarangs, sometimes used in conjunction with entangling cables. She drives the Nosferauto, which has an impressive-looking roof-mounted gun. The top floor of her mansion houses her base, the Nosferattic, which contains advanced computers. She is also aided by her personal assistant Freda.


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