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    As a hybrid of the human and Feitheran races, Northwind has natural feathered wings and the ability to fly. He can also communicate with birds and get them to do his bidding.

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    In 1946 a pilot discovered the hidden city of Feithera in northern Green land, Feithera was inhabited by the Bird People, a race of sentient winged semi-humanoid bird-like beings with their own civilsation. Most people did not believe the pilot's story, but three explorers decided to go there and hunt for the bird people.

    The original Hawkman went to Feithera, where he not only stopped the explorers, but persuaded them to keep Feithera's existence a secret to prevent its exploitation. Hawkman frequently visited Feithera, who allowed him to bring the anthropologist Fred Cantrell to live among them. Cantrell and Osoro, daughter of Feithera's ruler Worla, fell in love and had a son, Norda, who was a hybrid of the human and Feitheran races. Hawkman and Hawkgirl became Norda's godparents.

    But Norda felt the Feitherans (apart from his parents and Worla) considered him to be an unwanted half-breed. Hence he left Feithera to live in the world of human beings. Norda was persuaded to join other young would-be super heroes in asking to be admitted into the Justice Society of America. After they were turned down, the youngsters formed their own group, Infinity Inc.

    Norda, under the name Northwind, became a member of the original Infinity Inc. The Feitherans once prepared to die when a fast approaching glacier threatened to destroy their city, but Northwind with his fellow team members convinced them to leave the city and rebuild a new Feithera in a new location.

    The Feitherans were more bird-like in appearance and New Fetheria had been destroyed. The Fetherians have kept their intelligence, but can no longer speak. Black Adam was able to ally himself with Northwind and other Fetherians to defend Khandaq. This brought them into direct conflict with the JSA. Northwind was one of the casualties.

    It was later revealed that Norda survived the events of Khandaq, as he and the Bird People sided with Gog and fought against the members of the JSA that opposed him. After Gog was defeated, it's unknown what happened to Norda and the Bird People


    Flight, enhanced stamina and strength, regeneration, and the ability to communicate with birds though not with humans


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