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Even thee Brigid?

Except for the abuse of splashes and double page panel this arc story was very interesting for showing how far can a man go when everything that makes him human is stripped from him and tossed away, making him become just an empty shell, a vessel for rage, angry and hate. Sure it was awesome seeing Magnus´killing spree but the best thing of all was his relationship with his daughter (the real truth about her is a shocking revelation in issue # 15, but the explanation only is delivered in this issue) and it was mind blowing, I´ve never see it coming, but then, it all made sense and I read all previous issues looking for clues and they´re all there, proving that Brian Wood thought of it carefully. Apart from the first arc (which took place in issues # 1 to 6 if I´m not mistaken) this was definitely the best story in Northlanders, with good battles, lots of blood, torture, violence, highly recommended for those of strong nerves and over 18.
3.5 out 5


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